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What Happens if my Property Does Not Sell? - Pure Property Sales

When you have a property listed for sale it can be incredibly frustrating when offers are slow or non existent. So what happens when your property doesn’t sell?

It could be that the asking price was too high. It is better to price a property realistically, in order to sell, rather than list too high and have the price be reduced week after week. Buyers monitor the market. If they see a property fall in price week after week it will trigger alarm bells. Prospective buyers will assume the property is faulty in some way. It is better to price a property in accordance with market and demand – price it to sell. Our agents can discuss current market trends and prices with you in detail.

It could be that the market is slow, or there are a number of comparable properties also on the market. Occasionally, the sales market can be flooded with properties of a similar structure, asking price and with comparable features. It can be difficult to sell a property during these times. In these cases, unless an immediate sale is absolutely necessary, it might be better to withdraw the property for sale and relist at a later date.

Have a look at improvements around the property that can be made. Sometimes homes need a bit of a freshen up, or a ‘selling point’ in order to make them stand out from the rest. Tidy gardens, look at colour schemes and how the property presents to the market.

Marketing strategies play a significant role in how attractive a property seems to the market. If an agent is spending too much time using your property as a tool to prospect for new listings instead of investing their time and energy into successfully marketing your property, there stands a good chance your property is not reaching its marketing potential. Our agents spend more of their time marketing your property and less time prospecting, ensuring your home receives the utmost in professional attention.


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