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Sale Price - Getting it Right - Pure Property Sales

Selling your home is always an emotionally draining process. And even more so in the current market, very much geared towards buyers. The key to the successful sale of your home, apart from the right agent, is pitching the property to the market with an appropriate sale price.

Agents, in a bid to secure listings, will promise owners some pretty fantastic sale prices. We see these properties advertised online for weeks on end, sale price being slowly reduced week by week as interest in the property wanes and the listing eventually dropping off the market.  It is crucial to find an agent who will realistically and honestly price your property. Homes that are pitched at a realistic market price garner a lot of interest. These are the homes that sell quickly and with great results.

Take the time to sit down with your agent. Be honest about your expectations. A trusting relationship between client and agent yields the best results.


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