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90% selling 10% prospecting

funny phone (1)90% selling, 10 % prospecting? The sad truth is it’s the other way around…

Most agencies require their agents to spend 90% of their time prospecting – hunting for new sales leads by trawling through internet data and cold calling potential clients. This leaves them with 10% of their time to devote to the sale of your home. It is worth more to the agencies to secure potential new listings than to devote time and attention to a single property.

But I don’t need to tell you this if you currently own a property, as there is a good chance you have already been cold called, received marketing in the mail, seen someone walking in the streets doing a letterbox drop or looked in the paper to see a prominent profile of an agent – with a tiny sidebar for the property they’re being commissioned to sell.

So how are we different?

Our agents are paid a standard rate for the sale of your property, ensuring their focus remains on their most important priority – YOUR property. We want our agents to be spending 90% of their time selling properties and 10% prospecting. Our priority is the successful sale of your property and a devotion to customer service.


selling_agent 90% selling, 10% prospecting.

This benefits you because our agents are:

  • Spending less time prospecting. Our price point and the money you save means clients are calling us.
  • Better marketing and service because we have more time to devote to successful marketing strategies and we do more of it.
  • Spending more time on the phone with buyers talking about your property and securing the sale of it, not hunting for potential sales leads.
  •  More time to do open for inspections and private viewings.
  • Larger database of buyers and investors because we speak to more people. Establishing relationships with our buyer database is what will get your property sold.
  • We have partnered with Pure Rentals and tap into their extensive investor database.
  • All marketing is focused on the promotion of YOUR property – not the securing of the next listing.

With no locked in contracts, it’s worth contacting us to find out more.


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